The Unity in Community

As some of you might have noticed, the Greener Pastures Trading Post website is in the process of transitioning into a place where farmers, ranchers and the end consumer can come together. A place where local producers with traditional, wholesome, big picture environmental goals can sell their products to people that really do care where their food comes from, what went into producing it, and the faces behind their food. One word sums up the entire reasoning behind this transition. Community. You cannot however have community without the word unity.

Community is something that Greener Pastures Ranching is incredibly passionate about. In a good environment, the ecosystem works in perfect community. When one process gets out of balance, nature works incredibly hard to get back to that state of perfect united community. This same pattern operates on many levels. We see this need for perfect unity and community in our relationships, our food system, and even in our bodies.

While we may only be one small farm, we believe that working in unity with both our farming community and our suburban community, we can all come together to make our environment, our relationships, our food systems and even our bodies much better places to live in.

It’s time that we all start to look at the big picture in order to become better stewards of these vital systems. Let’s start this together in perfect unity with our communities.

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