Putting Farming and Food Into the Same Sentence

As we delve further and further into the rabbit hole that is direct marketing, I am constantly reminded of the disconnect between the products sold in the grocery store and the places those products began. My husband, Steve and I, spend a lot of time throughout the winter attending agricultural conferences, schools and seminars. I absolutely love all of the information that we gather at these events. There is nothing like learning all about new farming methods, the huge push for sustainability in agriculture, all of the cool dung beetles out there, the crazy ecosystem that is the soil beneath our feet and how we can combat climate change with our farming systems.


We also spend a lot of time eating (I’m betting that could be said for most of us). One of our favourite things to do on a date night is to visit interesting and unique restaurants. We love the realization that more and more restaurants are focusing on grass fed, pasture raised meat. That there is a lot of demand for products being sourced from local farmers. Above all we love to try the delicious foods that so many hands have played a role in producing.


I am the type of person who is constantly seeing connections between ideas and people in my life. The connection between farming and food could not be more apparent to me, and I feel that I might not be the only one thinking this way. How can we start putting food and farming into the same sentence? Let’s push to have more restaurants advertise which farms helped to produce the food that they are serving. I would love to see more agricultural conferences inviting food bloggers as speakers. And today, let’s start with you and I talking about where our food comes from. The next time that you post a picture of your delicious bacon wrapped tenderloin on Instagram feel free to tag your farmer in it!

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