A One Stop Shop For Local Farm Products

Greener Pastures Trading Post started off as your typical online farm store. A way to sell sustainably raised, nutritious pork and beef, along with stinging nettle tea and a few other products that our farm, Greener Pastures Ranching produces.

Here at Greener Pastures Ranching we have a real heart for unity and community. When you combine this with an intense passion for the environment and food we realized that just selling our own products left a big gap in our goal of bringing local, healthy farm products to our neighbouring communities.

Greener Pastures Trading Post is now working in collaboration with a growing number of other farms that all share our love for environmental sustainability, passion for animal welfare and the desire to share lovingly made products with our neighbours. Our ultimate goal is to have Greener Pastures Trading Post be the Edmonton areas one stop shop for local farm products delivered directly to the door.

When you visit the shop page you will see multiple farm logos. Each of these is a local farm with a true love for the land and environmental sustainability. Delving deeper into the store you will be able to find the products that each farm has to offer. Feel free to buy from multiple farms on a single order.

Check out Trading Post Shop to place your order!