A Family Farm With Environmental Goals

At Greener Pastures Ranching we take great pride in delivering healthy meat, eggs and Stinging Nettle Tea directly to your doorstep in the Edmonton area. All of our animals are raised outdoors on lush green pastures. They get rotated on a regular basis, long before they have the opportunity to degrade the land. In fact, with a good management approach we are able to sequester far more carbon than we emit in methane and carbon dioxide from running our equipment. We protect and regenerate our riparian areas and encourage wildife habitat.

Not only does Greener Pastures Ranching take care of and improve our environment, but we produce delicious and healthy food at the same time. By raising animals in their natural environment and feeding them their natural food we greatly increase the nutrient value of our products. Pastured meat and eggs are higher in omega 3’s, CLA, vitamins and trace minerals than conventionally raised products. Stinging nettle is a natural ‘weed’ in our pastures, a ‘weed’ that is higher in iron than spinach. This plant is the first one in our pastures that the cattle will eat if they have not had mineral supplements. This amazingly nutritional plant that is quite often sprayed out in a conventional agriculture system is one that we harvest and dry, creating a delicious sweet green tea. It can also be used as a spice to add extra vitamins to food!

If you have been looking to source healthy, humanely, naturally and locally grown food, look no further than Greener Pastures Ranching! We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you!